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Annual Meeting of Members and Board of Trustees

The annual meeting of the CAUT Defence Fund will be held at the Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

Registration Form

Please complete the registration form using this link and submit it by September 15, 2023.

If your union Director is unable to attend, please use this form.

Bargaining Status Reports

Pursuant to section 11.2 of the Defence Fund Standing Rules and Regulations, each Member Union is to provide a local bargaining report in advance of the Annual Meeting. Please use this link to provide this update.

Hotel Accommodation

Please make your hotel reservations via this direct link Book Your Group Rate | Marriott International. The bedroom rate at the hotel is $235.00 per night (plus fees and applicable taxes) and the deadline for reservations is September 20, 2023. As per section 8.3.1 of the Standing Rules and Regulations, the Defence Fund will only reimburse the negotiated amount of $235.00 per night (plus fees and applicable taxes) for hotel room costs.

Please note that in lieu of a hotel room, Directors may claim a room allowance at half the applicable meeting rate.

If your association will not have an elected Director for the meeting, please nominate a member association proxy holder/director nominee by September 15, 2023, and make the reservation in that person’s name. Please see “Process for a Member Union to Change a Director and Information about Proxies” for additional information.

Remember that if your proposed new Director has not yet been elected, your association will also need to complete a Director Nomination form, as well as a Proxy Appointment form, to be able to vote at the Members’ meeting. Forms can be requested by sending an email to


The CAUT Defence Fund will cover the cost of transportation to Montreal for Directors. Flights should be booked early to take advantage of the lowest fares.

Airline reservations should be made directly with W.E. Travel (1-888-676-7747). To make travel reservations through W.E. and bill the CAUT Defence Fund directly, use booking code 91001.

Information about expenses can be found at section 8 of the Standing Rules and Regulations.


In an effort to be conscious of the environment, printed kits will not be provided. Complimentary Wi-Fi will be available in the meeting room and electrical outlets will be provided at each table.


For questions related to the organization of the meeting, including questions about meeting documents, process, or procedures, please send an email to